Best Foods to Pair with Chocolate


It’s a known fact that chocolates blend with any tasty treats, but if you want to learn to become an expert mixer, you will be required to have the basics of what kind of chocolate goes best with the type of noms, and why!


The same sensation we get from strawberries dipped in chocolate can also be obtained from dipping pears and mangos in chocolate. The secret lies in which fruits to pair with which chocolates and what kind of nuts attracts what variety of chocolates. The bitter chocolates go with the lovely fruits, the darker the chocolates, the bitter it is and needs to be complemented with something sweet. Thats the reason why ripe strawberries are a perfect match for dark chocolates likewise bananas, mangos, pears, and many others. Coming to white chocolates on the other hand already lovely and rich goes with fruits that have a mild flavor and higher acidity, the likes of citrus and tart berries, or passion fruit and sweet melons, are good pairs for this type chocolate, give it a trial today! And you will discover milk chocolate to be the best middle ground.

Salty Treats

Bacon, Potato chips, Pretzels, and many most salted treats are fantastic to have with chocolates, may not obviously sound a good pair with chocolates, Ill tell you why it is a perfect match. Sugar signifies energy, and our bodies require power when we take sugar the body gives off positive receptors, giving us a hypothetical (pat on the back). Likewise with salt. Compared to other nutrients we have no means of storing salt to be used in the future, but anyways we have to survive. With this in mind, therefore we continuously crave salt, providing the body with salty treats (pretzels, bacon, chips) and covering the gifts with chocolates (sugar). This produces a DOUBLE YUMMY of the positive reception! You will love to have a taste.


Everyone loves chocolates; everyone loves nuts, but honestly, I prefer them both together! However, it is always said that chocolates enhance the taste of some nuts better than the others. Pecans, peanuts, hazelnut, and almonds all have distinct flavor components that pair well with dark chocolates! They may seem a bit overpowering, definitely for white chocolates and some milk. Walnuts seem to be milder compared to other nuts like pecan and serve a perfect match with milk chocolates. Having the balance in mind, Macadamias are best when pairing with white chocolates because it complements its richness and they are very mild.


When talking about cheese and chocolate words like creamy, buttery, creamy, can be used interchangeably! It doesnt fundamentally look like a good match, but cheese and chocolates both posses flavor components that complement each other to a great extent. Generally, in pairing chocolates and cheese, there is a tweak in the mix compared to pairing chocolates and fruits or chocolates and nuts. The creamier and lighter chocolates go with the smoother, and consequently, the lighter cheese. Dark chocolate with the ability to stand any intense flavor will pair better with a pungent and more acidic cheese like the blue cheese or the goat cheese. Combining milk chocolates with a little of Gruyere (known for its nutty flavor) will exhibit the beauty of the chocolate and the nuttiness of cheese without a loss in any of the flavor components


Cheese and Chocolate