Best Wines to Pair with Chocolate

These two items are delicious on their own and have been known to have many similar constituents. They both have many antioxidants, and also the both are considered aphrodisiac. Hence, owing to these sharp similarities, it can be hard to put a glass of wine with some chocolate.  For example, pairing a sweet glass of dry red wine with a chunk of dark chocolate will make the wine taste soured and bitter. The taste difference is because of the increased levels of a different flavor that are in both chocolate and wine that will end up crashing to give you a bitter and sour taste. There are types of chocolate that you could combine with several wines to give you the fantastic taste you long for. Here are chocolates and the wine pairings that you can experiment on your own.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

The polyphenols in the chocolate and also in the wine combine to give a kind of bitter taste. However, you want these because they are what give them their health benefits.  An appropriately

selected wine pairs with the dark chocolate to balance the bitter taste. Recommended Wines to pair with Dark Chocolate include:


The original Port from Portugal has typically touches of cinnamon spice to the taste profile and pairs well with chocolates with high cacao percentages.

Pedro Ximinez

This inky brown-black colored wine (Pedro Ximenez or PX) made to be enjoyed in exceptional small sips is formed in the regions of Montilla-Moriles in Spain. The wine adds nutty flavors to dark chocolate and goes well with espresso.

Port-style Red Wines

There are many Port-style wines of a single variety (coming from the borders of Portugal) that are sufficient to balance dark chocolate, including Petite Sirah (with coffee chocolate), Malbec (with ginger chocolate) and Zinfandel (with cayenne chocolate).


This is an Italian aromatized wine (aka vermouth) from Piedmont, with mild notes of cherry dusted with exotic spices. This one is a sipper (or better yet, in a Boulevardier cocktail

Vin Santo del Chianti

Or Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice has rich, sweet flavors of cinnamon, cherries, and an excellent distinction.

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Like those fantastic creamy chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder, good milk chocolate usually contains about half cream and half chocolate. The extra fat from the cream makes milk chocolate and wine an outstanding pair.

Recommended wines to pair cream chocolate include;

Reciotodella Valpolicella

An Italian rare sweet red wine produced in the same region that produces Amarone.

Ruby Port

The original Port made in Portugal makes for a more spiced and berry-driven pairing with milk chocolate.

Rutherglen Muscat

This wine is perhaps the sweetest of the sweet wines in the world, and it is prepared in Victoria, Australia.

Lambrusco di Sorbara

A sparkling red wine, the lightest of the Lambruscos with faint flavors of strawberry and peach.


An Italian delicious sparkling red wine from Piedmont. It makes an excellent pair with chocolate mousse.

Banyuls or Maury

The French “Port” has a funkier note which makes it a wonderful pair with chocolate truffles. Late-Harvested Red wines: Port-style wines including late-harvest Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Pinot Noir.