The Best White Chocolates

Is white chocolate a healthy type of chocolate?

You might get a little bit confused when trying to figure out the answer to this question. We all know chocolate is from cocoa, and cocoa is dark in color, how they are white chocolate made? Come on board as we take you through the process of making the best white chocolates. It may amuse you to find out that white chocolates are not chocolates. They contain the magical ingredients but also a lot of additions is responsible for the change in color.

Chocolates are popular snacks known all over the world. You might find it difficult to communicate with someone from another part of the world, but with a few bars of delicious chocolate candy, you can get anybody to smile back at you. Chocolates are delicious; one bite on a very stressful day can help you relax. They are widely consumed every day and are an essential part of a healthy diet. If you are looking to consume a right amount of anti0oxidants that helps fight aging, then you should eat chocolate very often.

Chocolate is made up of natural stuff; it’s from the cacao bean which harvested from a cacao tree. To create chocolate, you need first to get cocoa from the cacao bean. You harvest the cocoa pods and crush them to extract the pulp used for making chocolates. After you have removed the pulp, it is then taken to undergo fermentation. Natural fermentation would take about six days and it could either be executed through the use of boxes or just lay them down in big open heaps.

Artificial fermentation does exist, but the natural method is better preferred because it brings about the best-tasting chocolates. After fermentation, the beans are categorized by grades, and it is roasted. The roasting itself varies depending on the size and the kind of cocoa beans present. The roasting has a lot to do with the taste of the chocolate. Some manufacturers add the nibs to enhance flavor which is disapproved by some purists. These nibs contain high – fat content or what we also call the cocoa butter.

Now, to create white chocolate manufactures uses only the cocoa butter in making them.The name white chocolate is just the best way to address them, that doesn’t mean they are entirely chocolate. White chocolate comes from the additions of milk solids, vanilla, sugar and even Lecithin.

It is essential you watch out for the ingredients in your white chocolate as some manufacturers prefer to use substitutes for the real thing. Some use vegetable instead of the natural cocoa butter, and this will change the taste and composition of the chocolates. The best white chocolate is usually ivory in its color, not that sparkling or milky white. When you bite off good white chocolate, you will instantly taste that irreplaceable vanilla and rich cream. This is how you pick out the best white chocolates from a bunch of bad and  fake ones.