The Pink Chocolate and What The Hype is About

You have most likely heard about it recently. In September 2017, there was an event that was held in Shanghai for chocolate manufacturers. During that event, Barry Callebaut, who is a large chocolate manufacturer, showed off what was appointed as the fourth chocolate type. Experts in chocolate traveled to China from every corner of the world to take part in this revolutionary creation. You probably think it seems like a huge deal, and that’s because it was. It’s been more than eighty years since white chocolate was invented, and the research and development department of Barry Callebaut managed to create a new type of chocolate. The types of chocolate thus far were dark, milk, and white chocolate, but the new type of chocolate is pink, but it’s officially called Ruby.

What’s It All About Really?

The revolutionary news of a new type of chocolate spread through the internet quickly and articles were appearing all over the internet. The reports had pictures of the brand new pink chocolate that no one has seen before attached to them. Some of the articles were most likely sponsored articles. But most of the articles were probably people trying to follow the trend. In the end, anyone who was a lover of chocolate knew about the revolutionary Ruby chocolate within a day. The people from the media were more confused as time went on. The reason being that there was no information released by the manufacturer about how they created the pink chocolate. There was a minimal amount of data that could be gathered from over-the-top marketing claims and wild guesses. All that was known is that there was a new type of cocoa bean, and they extracted it into pink powder. There weren’t any clues on how the Ruby chocolate was created.

What Is It Like?

When the chocolate lovers began to investigate deeply into the pink chocolate’s situation, they uncovered many truths that were unpleasant to hear. The name of the Ruby chocolate was given to it because of the color it had, which was a unique pink color. The company that manufactured the pink chocolate has said that they added no colors or flavorings that made the chocolate have a pink color. They said the color was natural and not artificial in any way. The texture of the chocolate was filled with creaminess and smoothness. It was similar to both milk and white chocolate, even if there is no official ratio between cacao butter and cacao solids that was stated by the manufacturer. The flavor of the chocolate wasn’t milky, sweet, or bitter, but it was fruity and smooth, according to the company at least. The company has the idea that Ruby chocolate will taste fruity and fresh. But from the people who ate the chocolate, the chocolate doesn’t have the cocoa flavor that is a characteristic that you’d usually associate with chocolate. Ruby chocolate is more than merely a new type of chocolate. It is cocoa butter that’s colored pink that has a bit of fruitiness in it.