The Splendid Flavours of Mexican Chocolate

Hearing somebody say the term “chocolate” is the worst nightmare a dieter can have. The simple act of just listening to it makes you yearn a whole slab. Blame it on the smooth and delicious way the word rolls in your mouth, none of it is your fault. Chocolate has accomplished its task of imprisoning the entire world.

There is no staying off something that is chocolate based, regardless of if it is a chocolate milkshake, a chocolate bar or even a chocolate dessert. It brings smiles to anybody who savours it, especially if it is something special such as the most famous Mexican chocolate. The unique and rich flavour makes the Mexican chocolate distinctive and most desirable. There is no end to the means in which it can be used, be it baked goods or regular dishes. It appears as powders, syrups, and bars. Using it is at your discretion. Put in in your milkshake, and you will be addicted, that’s a guarantee. The Mexican chocolate, in its purest form, is not very sweet; in fact, it used to be sour initially. The sweetness comes from adding sweeteners which bring out the outstanding taste.

Bringing together roasted and ground cacao nibs, sugar, and cinnamon the typical Mexican chocolate is combined with flavours from spices such as allspice and nutmeg. Adding a bit of chilli along with nuts is another weird specialty.  The cocoa butter gives it a creamy yet granular texture. People still associate the Mexican chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla. The most regular use of this combo is in the Mexican chocolate sauce and cake. It is a well-known fact that these dishes are not of Mexican origin, yet one still interprets that they are authentically Mexican.

What is With the Chili Pepper Chocolate?

The most authentic Mexican combination seems to have a lot of spice in it. Yes, hot peppers and chocolate are a combination used in Mexico since time immemorial. Traditionally, dishes prepared by the Mexicans including chocolate always contained hot peppers in the mix. In the modern world the spicy chocolate bark, vegan Mexican chocolate cake and the Aztec truffles are all a huge hit.

The Chocolate de Mesa is a hot chocolate drink which is comfort-food to a Mexican. It is a concoction of cacao nibs toasted and ground with almonds, cinnamon and sugar, along with additional spices. The solid pieces of this concoction are produced by pouring the semi-liquid into moulds and cooling. This is how the Chocolate de Mesa is bought from a store, after which it needs to be broken and added to milk to enjoy the drink in all its glory.

With all the critical acclamation, the Mexican chocolate may not be getting its due credit. This may be because of the overwhelming, and strong taste that many people are used to. The coarseness may be to blame as well. When you ingest a piece of Mexican chocolate, its nothing like what your taste buds are accustomed to, the grainy texture may be too much for the unsuspecting palate initially, especially, a loving chocolate fan.