The Truth About Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates are a superior type of chocolate than the basic chocolates you will find in the general supermarket. Making these chocolates are considered as a sacred honour due to its popularity among several people all around the world. The chocolates are made by a set of professionals who follow a strict recipe. Belgian chocolates even beat the Swiss Chocolate company in their marketing power rates. These chocolates have gained and never broken the trust of its fellow consumers all around the globe. This all commenced in the year of 1912, where chocolates were commonly made by chefs dipping their hand in edible liquids like caramel, jam, jelly or even a ganache. The outer layer of chocolates which is protecting the firm centre inside, is delicate and very thin, allowing for customers to see the creativity and give the buyer’s a hint of a surprise when biting into one of these goodies. Then the famous Jean Neuhaus Jr. from the company of Neuhaus Chocolates invented and created the Praline.

Praline Sweetness

The invention of the Praline changed the chocolate industry, as they could now mould and fill chocolates while making the chocolates larger in size and width. This encouraged chefs to experiment and try new ways of making chocolates and different recipes. The Praline was a revolutionary creation that was contributed towards the chocolate business. This technique is still, until today used by the most professional chefs in the world. The chocolate is first tempered and poured into a plastic mould, and the filling is then later added. Even though the Praline is a Belgian Invention, it’s not considered a distinctive feature anymore due to basically the entire chocolate industry using this device. There should be a distinct quality that shows the specialness of the chocolate on the outside of the chocolate layer, one that separates Belgian chocolates from the rest of the basic ones at the supermarket. But unfortunately, there is no legal option for the chocolates to be named ‘Belgian’ without there being any sort of a consequence.

Abusing of The Chocolates

In the year of 2008, after the infamous abuse of the Belgian Chocolate name, the Belgian chocolate company decided to release definition of the words ‘BELGIAN CHOCOLATE CODE’ which means ‘Belgian Chocolate’ meaning the kind of chocolate has completed the process and sorted out into different category, shape and colour. Belgian chocolates would make fantastic gifts for people as its simple, thoughtful and yummy, and it is wrapped up in a ribboned package. In the end ‘Belgian Chocolates’ are made in Belgium. These products are made in Belgium, then later travelled in containers to several different countries all around the world. Belgium only uses the most quality ingredients and is considered the best chocolate in the world. Their primary source of cocoa beans is from the country of West Africa, where a non-profitable organisation called Cocoa Horizons Foundation, nurtures and cares for these plants for high-quality chocolates. These chocolates are known for their high demand around the world because of the different flavours and appearances.