The Weirdest Chocolate Things

Do you know the 7th of July is a more significant event than Christmas to some people? It is World Chocolate Day, which indicates the entrance of chocolate in Europe 468 years ago. This is not a marketing trick to improve chocolate consumption. If you are a chocolate enthusiast, you may be satisfied with the popular chocolate bars that melt in your mouth. However, there are fancier things that have been made of chocolate not just to promote the sweet delight, but also to use it as an icon.

Swiss Chocolate Stamps

The Swiss Postal Service released scented chocolate stamps which soon became a chocoholic’s dream. Of course, these stamps never appeared on envelopes, but this meant that people who were enamored with chocolates went into the stores and purchased some stamps for keepsakes, or to send to their loved ones.

The Chocolate Express or Chocolate City

The Chocolate Express train appears in the Guinness Book. It is the most extended chocolate structure which is made of Belgian chocolate and is a whopping 34 m long. The chocolate city was seen in Tokyo’s chocolate exhibit created by Japanese artists. It appears simple; however, the complexity that has been created with chocolate is undoubtedly intriguing.

A Realistic Toolkit in Chocolate or The Chocolate Gun

These are precious toolkits as they have chocolate wrenches and pliers. People who bought the toolkit sure made use of the tools the right way – to line their bellies. Carrying the chocolate gun is fun. Many people carry around this sweet gun, trying to make a joke out of security guards. While a cruel joke, this chocolate gun is perfect for kids to play make-believe.

Chocolate Yoda

A famous shop that sells the Chocolate Yoda is Fika located in New York. It is a shop that has an award-winning reputation for its fantastic coffee. Moreover, the patrons are rewarded with tasty handmade creations with one such delicacy being the incredible chocolate Yoda. However, you can try the Yoda if you can afford four and a half thousand dollars.

A Chocolate Laptop

It is worth giving a yearning child a delectable chocolate laptop. This laptop has cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, and milk powder. It is a beautiful gift for sweet lovers and also for chocoholics. This laptop is one that will provide a few hours of entertainment and is a great bucket list item.

A Pair of High Heels or Nike Sneakers

Delicate chocolate high heels were made especially for a Tokyo department store. Of course, it never was used on the ramp for any catwalk, but it is worth walking into your mouth with. Delicious chocolate sneakers were created for Nike Air Force’s 25th anniversary. The size of the shoes were not the huge Jordan sized ones, but more an iconic memorabilia.

A Few Human Chocolate Creations:

  • Michael Jackson’s sculpture in chocolate was made using 75 kg of chocolate.
  • Elton John’s Statue in chocolate was unveiled in 2005 at Madame Tussauds. This statue took 1000 hours of working with chocolate.
  • Nigella Lawson’s chocolate sculpture looks dodgy sitting in a Selfridge window. This chocolate sculpture was created in the year 2003.