Unbelievable Ingredients That Chocolate Makers Add to Their Products

Consuming chocolates in large amount was considered unhealthy by the experts, a few years ago. But suddenly, the reports and articles talking about the benefits of eating chocolates have started surfacing on the covers of magazines and newspapers regularly. Some experts even state that consuming chocolate can help you with your brain functioning, and can also make your skin glow. Chocolate has suddenly become the healthiest food, according to these reports. But the truth is that the big chocolate companies have started this propaganda to lure people into buying their product in today’s health-conscious world.

There was a time when pure cacao would be consumed with water. As the world headed towards commercialization, the manufacturers started focusing on branding, rather than the quality of the product. Also, with the development of technology and new machines, the chocolate companies have built their brands around the appearance, texture, and different kinds of flavors. The manufacturers in their quest to a bar of perfect chocolate at a low cost have begun to play with the consumer’s health. They add some very objectionable ingredients in the chocolates, which can affect your health severely.

Low-cost Substitutes

Chocolate Makers add some cheap substitutes for expensive ingredients to keep the chocolate price more economical in the market. A bar of chocolate with healthy and pure ingredients can never be available for a dollar. The most expensive component in chocolate is cocoa butter, which the chocolate companies substitute with different kinds of unhealthy oils like soybean oil or palm oil. These oils are very cheap in comparison to the cocoa butter and give the chocolate the same texture as cocoa butter. There are some other substitutes too for cocoa butter, but hydrogenated oils are the most common. Also, the different flavors that you try do not come from the real fruits as that would be expensive. Artificial flavorings vanillin and fruit extracts are used for the flavors, which are again not very good for your health.

Addictive ingredients

Most of the packaged foods like chips and chocolates seem to attract us towards them as soon as we see them. This feeling is not natural in most cases, but the companies make them like that deliberately. They add certain ingredients which are addictive and make us long for more. The feeling of never getting satisfied with chocolates is a common one, which must have been felt by most of the people. The chocolate companies add many addictive chemicals. Also, the combination of a large amount of salt and sugar is a deadly combination when it comes to addiction, but not for the health.

Low-calorie Substitutes

In today’s health-conscious world, people are very concerned about calories and sugar. Chocolate Makers are mindful of this fact and add artificial sweeteners, which are more dangerous than regular sugar. People think that they are helping their body by having sugar free chocolates, but the side effects of these artificial sweeteners are way more than regular chocolate. Chemicals like saccharin and sucralose are the substitutes that companies come up to make low-calorie chocolate, which can make a person sick over time.