Why Humans Love Salt in Their Chocolate

Putting salt in chocolate isn’t a fad. Adding matcha or turmeric is something that goes away as fast as it appears. So you can be sure that the people that make your chocolate won’t stop integrating salt into the chocolate they make. Chocolate bars with sea salt will always be in stores among the different varieties of chocolate bars. There are two reasons that humans love chocolate with salt in it, and here the reasons:

Salt helps our body detect sugar

You have probably wondered about why when people make a dessert that they would add a pinch of salt. You might think that putting salt in your dessert is going to make it less sweet. The human body can taste sugar better if there’s salt with it too. It’s sort of like a paradox involving flavour. When you eat something that contains sodium, your intestines and tongue have sensors that will detect glucose as something sweet when they usually wouldn’t do so. Specifically, there’s a glucose sensor in your intestines called SGLT1. The receptor cells that detect sweetness will have the glucose moved into them if there’s sodium around. It will result in salt triggering our taste buds to make them more sensitive to sweetness.

The pinch of salt that is added will help improve the taste and give contrast to the flavours. The salt will provide even simple recipes with energy and life. Majority of sweet foods, baked goods, or desserts have salt added to them for that reason. Chocolate isn’t an exception to the addition of salt. When salt is added to chocolate, the chocolate flavour will be fuller, and deeper flavours are more natural to taste, which makes it more enjoyable to eat.

Salt in chocolate gives it flavour and texture

Depending on your tastes, you might consider chocolate with some crunchiness to be more interesting. Giving smooth chocolate a grainier or coarser texture could bring that chocolate to greatness. When the professional chocolate makers integrate salt into what they create, they are doing it for one of two reasons. The reasons are that they want to make the flavour of the chocolate pop out, or they want the chocolate to be salty.

Salt gives a contrasting flavour to the sweetness

Adding some salt to chocolate is a way to enhance the sweetness of the chocolate. Putting more salt will help the sweetness have a contrasting flavour. Cacao isn’t sweet on its own. There is cacao that is significantly floral and fruity, but they are still bitter to the majority of people who taste them. Salt can be used to contrast to the sugar’s sweetness and whatever other sweet things are added to the chocolate. There are sweet ingredients such as vanilla, milk, dried fruits, or caramel that can make chocolate too sweet if you put too much. Putting salt into the chocolate that contains those ingredients, the sweetness of those ingredients will be kept at a good level due to the salt. The contrast of sweet and salty is a pioneer to how innovation with chocolate can challenge people to test the limits of our taste buds.