Why Women Love Chocolate

Up till now, food cravings still remain largely a mystery; experts cannot really pinpoint the love women have for the chocolate to any specific factors. However, it can be undoubtedly beneficial psychologically to give in to the cravings, since it is not done excessively.

The kinds of foods we often crave for can have a lifting effect on our spirits, make our moods stable and brings about calm in our nerves. These benefits cannot be derived from taking health foods. You will find it rare that women crave for a steamed artichoke or stir-fried tofu.

People have written complete books on the connection between women and their love for chocolate. From the results of some surveys, cravings for chocolate are more common among American women. Furthermore, experts have discovered that comfort foods such as chocolate can provide nutrients, which facilitate the healthy working of the hormonal system of a woman and maintain a healthy balance of brain chemicals.

It is not uncommon to find pre-menstrual cravings in women. From a physiological perspective, at this stage of the cycle in women, there are low levels of serotonin (the brain chemical that makes one feel good). Chocolate as well as other fatty foods, which are fatty, trigger the synthesis of higher quantities of this feel-good neurotransmitter.  Also, according to researchers, enjoying indulgences like eating sweet, as well as fatty foods, equally trigger endorphins release. These are brain chemicals that let you stay calm and make you experience the sensation of feeling high after doing a tough exercise, eating chocolate or falling in love.

If you often take chocolate and keep your weight and health under control, this indulgence shouldn’t be a problem. If your cravings for chocolate, however, are beyond control and makes you indulge in it excessively, you might have an issue on your hands to deal with. Cravings become a challenge should they make you over-eat frequently. If you’re an emotional eater and your indulgences result in weight gain or binge eating, you have to keep them under control.

You may try and distract yourself till the urge subsides. However, this recommendation does not work for all affected women or at all times you develop a craving. That same serotonin (that makes you feel good, released when you take chocolate) also gets produced by engaging in exercise. So, visiting the gym could be a way out of this problem; though this is not always easy.

If your chocolate cravings are caused by actual hunger, you could be able to limit the rate at which you eat it by ensuring that you have 3 complete balanced meals on a daily basis, leaving a time interval of 4 hours between each meal. Within these intervals, you can snack on cookies, popcorn, crackers, and others. By eating conventionally in this manner, it lets you gain adequate calories, which are spaced uniformly throughout the day. Thus, you don’t go hungry during the day and the levels of your blood sugar stay steady.