World’s Best Chocolate Tours to Embark On

Are you bored and tired of doing the same things? Does dinner and a Netflix movie for date night uninterest you? Are you growing tired of staying in and doing nothing but playing at Pokerstarscasino? Does the thought of bar hopping with friends one more night make your stomach turn? Well, it’s time for a change of pace. You need a new set of creative plans. Are you a fan of chocolate? Not many can resist the temptations of rich, creamy, smooth chocolates. If this is you, why not book a chocolate tour? You can learn the ins and outs of making chocolate, enjoy a guided tasting, and meet other chocolate lovers out there just like yourself. Here are some of the world’s best chocolate tours to embark on!

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

This is a self-guided chocolate tour in Belgium. On this tour, you will see and learn about many of the city’s highlights, including the Grand Place, the Manneken Pis statue, the comic strip route and the city gates. During the tour, you visit a total of five chocolate shops, tasting a piece or two of the finest chocolate in each shop. The chocolates are selected in advance, so you don’t get to choose what you taste, unless you pay extra at the shop. The four hour tour and workshop is usually capped off with a 45 minute session where you get to make your own chocolate. Tourists will get to make lovely treats and take some home with them.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

The Mast Brothers Chocolate tour is the closest thing you’re going to get to Willy Wonka’s, and you don’t need a golden ticket to take the tour. The Mast Brothers are two brothers from Iowa, who are known for making chocolate starting out in their New York apartment. Today, the brothers have headquarters in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, where tours are offered daily. The Mast Brothers offer a variety of single-estate and single-origin chocolates, along with its house blend. Tourists are taken on a journey through the entire chocolate-making process, allowing them to watch the creation of unusual varieties, such as sea salt and chili pepper. As the tour comes to an end, you get to enjoy a tasting of five chocolates, so you can discover how different beans yield different but delicious, rich flavors.

TCHO Chocolate

This tour is located in San Francisco, California, and offers both public and private tours. The free, hour long tour is super educational and extremely thorough, led by informed and amusing guides whose intent is educating you on all matters chocolate-related. The tour teaches guests about its TCHOSource program of direct training and investments in cocoa farmers, and how the company manufactures all of its chocolate from scratch. Guests get to enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at TCHO’s chocolate making process, while getting a taste of some of the best chocolate that the factory makes.

Maison Cailler

Many chocolate lovers consider Switzerland to be the home of the world’s finest chocolatiers. Maison Cailler is one of Switzerland’s oldest and most admired brands of chocolate. This swiss chocolate tour not only offers tours, but a chocolate workshop for groups. What’s unique about this tour is that tourists get the opportunity to physically hold the cocoa beans in their hands while listening to the guides discuss the different production stages of the process. Chocolate lovers have the opportunity to savor cocoa, milk chocolate, and other ingredients throughout the tour. Cailler also offers a series of chocolate-making classes, led by a Callier chocolatier. Students will make their very own chocolates in classes on pralines, truffles, and even Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts.

The best chocolate is made from the fresh ground cocoa beans

Ethel M Chocolates

The chocolate factory, located in Las Vegas, offers a self-guided 30-minute tour of the factory, along with the Botanical Cactus Garden that features over 300 species of plants. Tourists are offered a tasting and have the opportunity to learn about the production process from the factory’s knowledgeable staff. Many lovers of fine, high quality chocolate may not think of venturing to Las Vegas for a tasting and tour, but Ethel M Chocolates definitely surprises.

Theo Chocolates

Seattle’s Theo Chocolates provides hour-long tours of its facilities and educates tourists with the story of cacao and how it’s being created into the chocolate that you get to taste at the end of the tour. The tour also points out the social and environmental issues existing among different cocoa farmers today. Also, while on the tour, you get to hear about the multi-level “bean to bar” process that goes on within the walls of the factory. The first half of the tour is seated, where the educational portion takes place, and the last half is spent in the observation room. The best part of the tour is tasting Theo’s delicious products.